Red Hoody

Red Hoody

Red Hoody

A classic Ford card with an even better hood ornament. Found this beauty at a local car show and just had to grab a few photographs. I believe the car is from 1953 and has been lovingly restored.

You can find the high resolution image available on my photography catalog for purchase here

Fall Time

For me, nothing beats the Fall / Autumn season. The colors and favorable temperatures, the dramatic skies and ever changing weather, all combine for a great season.

Today, inspired by the leaves falling outside my window, I composed this shot of my favorite watch with the season. A simple and effective composition for both product and fashion campaigns.

Fall Time by Peter Witham on


How to Import Images into Lightroom CC Classic

Adobe Lightroom has been my goto photo management since version one. The only other app I use for managing images is Apple Photos. Nothing comes close to Lightrooms ability to edit and manage photos in my opinion.

This video was recorded just a couple of days before the newly announced version, so there could be differences between the very latest version and this video.

Massive Photo Reorganization

I have decided it is time to reorganize all my photographic work. This is no small task as I have been a photographer since my teenage years. Don’t ask how long that is 🙂

Currently, I have removed as best as I can recall my images from everywhere except this site and This is going to take awhile, but I am tired of all the photo sites changing their policies and rules. Time to take back my images and impose my own rules.

More to come on this…