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Markdown Support Added to CodeNotes For iOS

I have been working for a while on trying out different ways to incorporate Markdown and/or Syntax Highlighting support in my open source code notes application built for iOS.

I am happy to say that I have solved at least half of that puzzle, I have finally settled on a really nice CocoaPods Pod called MarkdownKit by Ivan Bruel.

This Pod takes a string and parses it into Markdown attributed text that you can then assign as just that to a text field. The end result handles enough tags that I’m happy with it, I do feel I need to play with code markup some more as I don’t care for the background, but I’m still planning to have code handled by a syntax highlighter at some point.

Markdown Note Demonstrating Tags
Markdown Note Demonstrating Tags

You can find Ivan’s MarkdownKit here.

You can find the source code for my CodeNotes For iOS application on my GitHub here.